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Keep Your Wishes Intact With Powers Of Attorney

A power of attorney (POA) allows you to grant legal authority to a trusted person to act on your behalf if you become incapacitated or unable to make decisions. The Law Office of Thomas E. Rossmeissl can guide clients through properly establishing POAs tailored to their specific situations and wishes.

The Two Essential POAs

There are two main types of POAs that cover different needs. A financial power of attorney appoints an agent to manage your assets, finances, investments, tax matters and business affairs. A health care power of attorney names someone to make medical decisions if you cannot, including treatment choices, facility selection, and end-of-life directives. POAs can be durable, remaining in effect even if you are incapacitated or springing, which only goes into effect upon your incapacity.

Choosing Your Trusted Advocates

Selecting the right agents is one of the most important aspects of a POA. You want to select highly trustworthy individuals who will diligently uphold your best interests. Potential agents should be financially responsible, organized, and willing to take on the significant duties involved. You can name co-agents to act together or in succession. Lawyer Thomas advises clients on any limitations they may want to place on the agent’s authority.

Ensuring Your POAs Have Legal Force

For a POA to be valid in California, it must meet certain statutory requirements, such as notary witnessing and proper execution rules. Attorney Thomas ensures all your POA documents are legally binding and enforceable per state laws. California also recognizes springing POAs that only take effect upon certification of your incapacity.

POAs: A Cornerstone Of Your Estate Plan

Attorney Thomas of the Law Office of Thomas E. Rossmeissl drafts comprehensive, integrated powers of attorney as part of your personalized estate plan. This proactive planning prevents potential court conservatorship, which can be costly and strip away your independence. Your dedicated advocate also simplifies updating or revoking POAs if your situation or preferences change over time.

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