Providing Peace Of Mind, Preserving Your Legacy

Providing Peace Of Mind, Preserving Your Legacy

Guiding You Through Estate Distribution

Losing a loved one is never easy. Having to handle their affairs and estate while you grieve can seem impossible. You don’t have to go through this difficult time alone. With a knowledgeable and compassionate attorney by your side, you can ensure that the process is done legally and as smoothly as possible.

The Law Office of Thomas E. Rossmeissl can help you navigate the administration and distribution of your loved one’s estate. As your attorney, Mr. Rossmeissl will take the time to answer your questions and move the process forward, while allowing you the time you need to grieve.

What Is Estate Administration?

When a loved one dies, his or her estate must be collected and administered. This includes paying debts, collecting assets and distributing assets. The process through which this happens will depend on whether the decedent had an estate plan in place, what documentation the plan contained, and how assets are titled at death. Some items may need to go through a formal court administration called “probate,” and other items will not. This all depends on the estate plan.

Handling Simple And Complex Distribution

Mr. Rossmeissl has experience in administering estates, both simple and complex.  As an estate lawyer, Mr. Rossmeissl has also achieved significant success in bringing solutions to clients who are hampered by outdated irrevocable trusts. He has obtained court-approved modifications to irrevocable trusts so that the beneficiaries are not shackled with trusts that no longer achieve the originally intended goals. Mr. Rossmeissl can help you during the administration process.

Guiding You Through Every Step

Mr. Rossmeissl works regularly with families and fiduciaries in the post-death administration of trusts and estates. He is skilled in taking matters through the probate administration process, as well as the more efficient, private trust administration process. Call his Los Gatos-based office at 408-883-3197 or fill out the contact form to get an ally you can count on.